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Aug 09

Converting LT1 firebird to carburetor with HEI distributor?

So, I have the LT1 out and my new built 375HP 307 is about to go in. I'm concerned though about a few things, how can I make the distributor fit, and it has a delco remy distributor on it. I have a feeling I'll either need to buy a new MSD distributor and coil, but any ideas on how to wire those up? I won't need to fuck with a balast resistor or anything like that will I? Also, where does that coil get power from, I believe it's a key on source, I just don't know where or how to properly wire them (I'm a toyota mechanic, it's not too often that I do EFI to Carb swaps haha).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I've been told MSD sells low profile caps and rotors, anyone heard about this?

You're going to have issues getting that old school engine in with the distributor sitting so high. I'm assuming you're talking about the HEI distributor - its going to bang into that cowl overhang. Try getting a low-profile distributor - its either Mallory or MSD that makes the low, flat one with the ford-style dist cap. It might just fit under the cowl. No, you will not need a ballast wire - they went out with the pre-HEI in 1974 - you'll need a standard, decent gauge wire to feed the ignition. If you get the MSD setup, you will have the wire diagram that will come included. I believe you'll need a battery source, an ignition-live wire, a decent ground, and you'll have provisions to feed your tachometer (although I've heard people having problems with the interface on that).

Before you slam that hood - check the clearance on that carb! You'll have a very, very tight fit in that department as well! The only times I've seen carbureted small blocks in fourth gens, they've had 3-4" cowl hoods to give them clearance - particularly with higher-rise intakes.

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